SIMPLE PAST TENSE (Structure &Examples, Exercise )

What is Simple Past Tense ?

A verb is used to describe a completed activity that happened in the past. In other words, the activity started in the past and ended in the past is called simple past tense.

Structure of Simple Past Tense:

The simple past tense of regular verbs is formed by adding “d” ,” ed “

Example: love + d = loved

walk +ed = walked

jump + ed = jumped

Irregular verbs of Simple Past Tense.

See saw

write wrote

teach taught

Negative sentences Structure :

Did not + base verb

1.Ali did not play game today.

2. Aliza did not go to market.

Interrogative Sentence Structure:

did + subject + base form of verb

  1. Did Ahmed play cricket.
  2. Did Farzan cock Fish.


  1. Aslam went to School.
  2. Najma cocked food
  3. Waseem played cricket match.
  4. I bought a car.
  5. He caught Fish.


  1. Mudasir ______ to Karachi. (went)
  2. She _______ a poem. (wrote)
  3. Yasir _____ a Watch. (bought)
  4. Mubashir _____ snake. (saw)
  5. Nasir ______ english to class VI.(taught)
  6. She _________ to Bazar. (went)
  7. They ______ class tenth . (passed)
  8. We ______ tiger in Zoo. (saw)
  9. Iqbal ______ late in the office. (came)
  10. I ______ the door. (opened)

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